our search for the ideal manufacturer led us to india, where we found experienced textile specialists who work on ancient wooden hand looms.

the weaving process begins with raw hanks of natural fiber.

we work with a hand dyer, who is something of a magician.

he mixes all of the colors by eye, then checks the shade with a dab of color on the stone wall next to him. he always hits the shade the first time.

the yarns are then dried in the sun and hand-spun into skeins using an apparatus recycled out of an old bicycle. the pirns are wrapped and inserted into the shuttles, ready to start the weft.

once the plan is set, the weaver hammers pegs into boards, which wrap around a cylindrical drum on the loom, and beings the meticulous and lengthy process of threading of the warp.

as the weaver works the foot treadles, the drum rotates - effectively raising and lowering the frames through which the warp is strung. the shuttles pass back and forth, and the cloth begins to take shape.

we love to incorporate intricate textures and patterns and are always breaking the rules. we often create doublecloths: two cloths woven at the same time and connected together during the weaving process.

as the cloth begins to take shape, we make a million changes and start the process all over again!

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